By making the payment online, I declare that

  1. The particulars given in the form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  2. I also declare that I shall abide by the rules and regulations and decisions of the Chess Association Kerala/ All India Chess Federation, as the case may be and co-operate with the officials in participation in the chess tournaments/ championships.
  3. I also declare that I will not participate in any tournaments/championships, not authorized/recognize by the CAK or its parent body AICF and I opt for which ever District Association/ Employer for playing in Chess tournaments during the period 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019
  4. I shall also be responsible to return or produce the CAK Registration Card as and when required at the venue of tournaments or to the CAK office.



(Regulations for State Level Opens and FIDE-Rated Opens) (As on 1st October 2013)

The CAK has brought about various regulations from time to time to streamline procedures and help the organizers and participants of State Level Open Chess Tournaments in Kerala to conduct their tournaments in an efficient manner. These are summarized below:

1. Before they fix their tournament dates prospective organizers of State Level Open Tournaments/ FIDE Rated All India Open Chess Tournaments shall contact Secretary, Chess Association Kerala, .Aaryattuparampil, Kanjikuzhy, Kottayam. E Mail ID: Chess Association

2. CAK is in charge of scheduling all Open tournaments and State Championships. It will approve the tournament if it does not clash with any other similar tournament in the same district or in neighbouring districts. On confirming the dates, the organizers shall remit through their District Chess Association to the CAK a sum of Rs. 1000/- as tournament registration fee, preferably 2 weeks before the scheduled start, along with their proposal in the official bid form. For FIDE Rated Opens the registration fee payable shall be 20% of the AICF fee-. It is advisable to send proposals at least two months before the scheduled start.

3. On receipt of Rs. 1000/- (or appropriate amount for FIDE-Rated Opens) the CAK will approve the tournament and allot an Approval Number which shall be printed in the prospectus as CAK Approval No – – /—-/ 20—

4. . District Chess Associations under whose jurisdiction Open and FIDE-rated tournaments are organized may collect their own capitation and  registration fees from the organizers.

5. On receipt of the Tournament Registration fee, the CAK Secretariat will send the receipt for the money received and the latest CAK address list to the organizer. Before printing the prospectus the organizers shall send a draft copy of the same in MS word format to enable CAK for approving the same. Only after getting such approval the organizers are advised to print the prospectuses and distribute the same.

6. To be eligible to play in any State Level Open tournament a player must be a registered player of CAK The present registration fee is Rs.100/– per player per accounting year. The organizers of the KERALA State Level/FIDE Rated Tournaments are responsible for collecting CAK player’s registration fee from the unregistered players and for remitting the amount so collected to CAK within 7 days of the completion of the tournament along with CAK Player’s registration forms and Dates of Birth Certificates submitted by the unregistered players. If the above are not received along with the relevant capitation fee within 7 days of the completion of the tournament, a penalty of Rs.1000/- will be levied on the organizers.

7. All Prospectuses shall mention the time of the start of the first round and the end of the last round. All open tournaments shall start exactly at the time advertised in the prospectus. Also, they shall close at the scheduled time on all days.

8. At the end of the tournament, the organizer shall send a copy of the prize-winners list, to the CAK If tournament pairings are done by computer, the organizer should send the tournament backup file containing the complete TRN file through e-mail to CAK.

9. At all age-limited Open Tournaments, prizes shall be awarded by the organizers only to those who submit copies of their date of birth (DOB) certificates. The organizer should send these certificates to the CAK.

10. Those who do not abide by the above regulations will not be permitted to hold any state level open tournament in future. District Chess Associations under whose jurisdiction State level open tournaments are held shall supervise the tournaments.

11. The CAK reserves the right to approve or decline to grant approval for KERALA State Level Open Tournaments/FIDE Rated Tournaments to be held in KERALA.

For. Chess Association KERALA
General Secretary

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